Understanding Body Weight Set Point

Hey there. Welcome to my site, and this article on body weight set point theory, a fascinating concept that makes so much sense, but seems to be totally overlooked by most of the health and fitness industry, and virtually ALL the nutritional institutions alike. The purpose of this article [...]

How Many Calories Do We Burn

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed, were intrigued by, or at least motivated to learn more by the article I wrote a few days ago on calories, entitled ARE ALL CALORIES THE SAME? It’s got a ton of views, and some great comments. I suggest you check it out BEFORE [...]

Cholesterol And Heart Disease Myth Book – Uffe Ravnskov

Although conventional 'wisdom' sees no room for discussion on the diet/heart hypothesis, the cholesterol and heart disease myth war still rages. The author of one of the best books on the subject, 'The Cholesterol Myths',  Uffe Ravnskov has done much to inform the debate. Having read (well listened to) [...]

Are All Calories The Same?

Hello there seekers of nutritional freedom and leanness. In this article I want to take a look at a paradigm that we’ve all heard hundreds of times before. At school, in the media, from government and nutritional institutions, from our doctors, and even in the local cafe or restaurant [...]

Why Diets Fail…..Almost All The Time

Would you like to know why diets fail? You would think that the governments of this world, and the healthcare community would want to know too. Seems they just choose to ignore the evidence. More on that later, but first, a question..... How many people do you know who [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 6 – Stress And Weight Loss

Welcome back! This 6th article in the series looks at stress and weight loss in relation to your body composition goals and success. Certainly not worth dismissing, especially if your fat loss progress has stalled and you're struggling to work out why. Watch this short video on the subject [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 5 – Sleep And Weight Loss

This article will look at the relationship between sleep and weight loss. It's a vital step to understand, with more and more people lacking good sleep hygiene, and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Let's get stuck in and find out what's going on Reason You're [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 4 – Metabolic Slowdown

Welcome back to the 'Reasons You're Not Losing Weight' Series. This is a relatively short article, but very relevant. However, a lot of people use this as a go to excuse for why their fat loss goals are not succeeding, when in reality, there are probably a range of [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 3 – Hormones

Well hello there! Welcome back to Part 3 in the series of 20 articles, covering the common reasons that people fail to lose weight when dieting. At the bottom of this article are links to the others in the series, so feel free to scan those when you feel [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 2 – Exercise

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Part 1? If you didn't you can check it out HERE. Reason You're Not Losing Weight #2 - Relying On Exercise Alone Most people think that exercise is just awesome for weight loss, and although exercising is something that should be positively encouraged [...]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight – Part 1 – Eating Too Much

"Why Am I Not Losing Weight?" - I get asked this question again and again by visitors to this website, who believe they are doing everything right, but still not seeing the results they expect. Have you spent weeks, months, or even years dieting, but never seem to [...]

Are Supermarkets Complicit In The Obesity Epidemic?

Take a look in any supermarket - What do you see as soon as you enter the store? Donuts? Multi-packs of soft drinks? Why? In this video I have a bit of a rant about why I believe that supermarkets need to be part of the community they exist within, [...]

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