A Horrifyingly Simple Way To Adjust Your Diet Mindset

Merry Wednesday!

What does your intermittent fasting schedule look like?

Do you fast for 10 hours, 14, 16? 20+ hours?

Do you do it every day, a couple of times a week, or less? Longer fasts once a month?

There are so many options available, but what I have definitely noticed is that most people get really hung up on the minutiae. Seriously, I get emails all the time from people saying things like:

“I’m doing a 16 hour fast, but I was SO hungry, I broke the fast after 15 hours, is this going to mess things up?”


” I have coffee in the morning, but can’t drink it black, is it ok to add some milk or cream? Will it break the fast?”

Funny thing with us humans isn’t it? We are capable of so many incredible things, but when it comes to diet, we seem unable to decipher the code.

Everything is an all or nothing proposition. Or certainly seems to be!

What I’m trying to get across is that the PROCESS is important. It’s the process, the daily small actions that get you from A to B, with B being your goal, the EVENT if you will 🙂

And most people hate process, they are only interested in the goal.

To understand PROCESS a little more, I’d like you to consider this…

Eating McDonald’s every day is probably not going to help your health or your waistline right? But eating ONE McDonalds meal (even with a Big Gulp drink) is not going to make you fat or sick. One meal, good OR bad makes virtually zero difference in the scheme of things.

You don’t eat one salad and get thin either. Goes without saying.

It’s the thousands of micro-decisions, the ones you make multiple times each day, for weeks, months and eventually….years, that results in whether you are fat or thin, diabetic or not, alive or dead (at the most extreme ends of the spectrum).

The GOAL is somewhere in the future. The EVENT of ‘Yessss!!! I can see my abs” or “Wooppeeee!!, I can finally get into those jeans I haven’t worn since I was 18” is ahead of you.

But it is the PROCESS that will get you there. You need to do something every day, but the good news is, it only needs to be a small thing, or many small things repeated every day.

Surely you can do that can’t you?

So, the gist of this whole thing is to focus on what you can do right now, today, not tomorrow, next week, or in 2020.

Do the little things, and the good stuff with happen, pinky promise!

The event will be well worth the mild discomfort, but even when the event is reached, you want to be able to say that you enjoyed the journey too.

I like to use intermittent fasting on a daily basis. It is the small thing that gives me great outcomes in the future.

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Talk soon,

Steve Reed

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