3 Non Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures Your Should Know About

A woman having Non Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures carried out at a clinic

Liposuction offers an aggressive way of dealing with fatty bulges. Known for causing tissue trauma to a patient’s body, the procedure does not suit everyone. It also requires recovery time and activity restriction, not to mention swelling, aching and bruising in the treated areas. Preference for alternative non-invasive fat reduction procedures have nonetheless been on … Read More

Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band: The Difference In Simple Terms

gastric sleeve vs lapband differences

For those looking for surgical weight loss solutions, people who have been unable to lose weight effectively with lifestyle changes, the drive towards surgical interventions is strong. In this article, I’ll be explaining the difference between two technologies: The gastric sleeve vs lap band. Both have their benefits, but are generally used for different types of … Read More