Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band: The Difference In Simple Terms

gastric sleeve vs lapband differences

For those looking for surgical weight loss solutions, people who have been unable to lose weight effectively with lifestyle changes, the drive towards surgical interventions is strong. In this article, I’ll be explaining the difference between two technologies: The gastric sleeve vs lap band. Both have their benefits, but are generally used for different types of … Read More

Not Losing Weight: 20 Reasons And How To Fix Them

Scales And Tape Measure

Contents20 REASONS YOU’RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT, AND HOW TO FIX ITWhat Constitutes A Weight Loss Plateau?Reason #1 – You are eating too muchReason #2 – Relying on exercise aloneReason #3 – Hormonal issuesReason #4 – Metabolic slowdownReason #5 – Not getting enough sleepReason #6 – Too much stressReason #7 – You’re adding muscle…or not?Reason #8 … Read More

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