Cholesterol And Heart Disease Myth Book – Uffe Ravnskov

Although conventional ‘wisdom’ sees no room for discussion on the diet/heart hypothesis, the cholesterol and heart disease myth war still rages. The author of one of the best books on the subject, ‘The Cholesterol Myths’,  Uffe Ravnskov has done much to inform the debate.

Having read (well listened to) Malcolm Kendrick’s book ‘The Great Cholesterol Con, I decided to check out Uffe’s book to, and to my excitement (no, I’m serious!) I found if free on Smashwords, in multiple formats (pdf, epub, mobi)

You can buy it on Kindle for sure, but Uffe has been generous enough to give it away on Smashwords to spread the…er…word.

You can grab a copy HERE (No affiliate link, no payment, nada, zilch) I just want to share with you what is really interesting to me right now. The Cholesterol Myths Uffe Ravnskov

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