Client Testimonials

Client Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, And Training Testimonials

I’m including some client testimonials here, from a range of clients. Some are face to face personal training clients, others employed me for online nutrition coaching, and others attended some my kettle bell classes which I ran in my local area. I have recently started creating more in-depth testimonials, and you will be able to click a link through to those testimonials via a link.

Katy H – Swindon, UK – Online Nutrition Coaching – Lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks

The WRONG Trousers

Steve’s positivity and encouragement have made the difference this time and I can’t recommend his help enough to anyone who really wants to see some dramatic results in their weight loss.

I’ve gone down 2-3 dress sizes, and had to start buying a whole new wardrobe.

Hearing the expressions of surprise and encouragement from people who haven’t seen me for a while is amazing, I feel fitter, happier, more energetic and self-esteem is way up.

The most amazing thing of all is that my blood pressure is now normal as are my blood sugar results. When I’ve followed Steve’s instructions to the letter (I’m a bit rebellious – as I said not low-maintenance) the weight loss has been nothing short of amazing, but I’m human (and thankfully he gets that) and I’ve had weeks where I’ve not been quite so strict.

Read Katy’s Full Testimonial Here

Gail – Bridport, Dorset – Personal Training And Nutrition Client – From Zero Pushups to 3 Sets Of 10

Last year I could barely do one press up against the window sill in the bathroom, but now (April 2014) I can do 10 floor press ups and can do 3 sets

I really enjoyed the training sessions with Steve he gave me encouragement and he pushed me sometimes but it’s all been worth it! No pain no gain they say, true!

This new regime has also had other benefits in my body too, and my waist has come back, I have a really tiny waist now at 27”, and I love my new body shape.

I feel much happier and more confident in myself. I am continuing with the exercises and clean diet I have lost the fat and now I am going to move on to the next step to improve the whole look with more toning. This is not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle, you need to keep yourself in the best condition you can, you only get one body, so treat it well and you will be healthier and happier for it!

Anne-Marie S, Bridport, Dorset UK

Stephen Reed one of the nicest trainers for keeping fit I know

Whatever age his ” Pupils” are, they all are treated with respect.

Stephen makes each workout fun. He is very competent and knowledgeable explaining the reason for various movements.

If any further details required do not hesitate to contact me.

Name & Address Available If Required

Suzan B – Bridport – Dorset

I found Steve to be very motivational as a coach with a great knack for getting his message across.

He is also incredibly knowledgable in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition.

He got me up and running (literally), early on Sunday mornings, so that’s a great testament to his skills.

Greg W – Northampton, UK

I look better than I EVER have, and have a long-term plan to get even stronger and leaner. My wife is VERY happy !!!

I am a guy in my early 50’s who had let things go a bit since my mid 30’s when I was a keen sportsman.

I found Steve and his online coaching via an online forum and decided to try his LEANGAINS style nutrition coaching using intermittent fasting, with the idea of getting ‘ripped’, well, at least being able to see my abs again.

Steve set me a 3 times per week ONLY training plan, which I did at my local gym, and asked me to do some brisk walking on my rest days……if I had time.

He set me an easy to follow, and structured eating plan, with a really simple way to manage quantities for my personal goals (which was cutting fat)

12 weeks later I have lost 15lbs of fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle, according to the skin fold measures taken at my local gym.

Sadie J – Dorset, UK

I really enjoyed the kettlercise classes, the atmosphere was always friendly, and the instruction clear and easy to follow.

There was a great rapport between yourself and the members which made the classes less intimidating to new members.

Cheers, Sadie.

Jo H – Bridport, Dorset, UK

Steve was always friendly and encouraging and full of new ideas.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the classes which allowed you to work at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mark D – Bournemouth, UK

It was so easy, I can’t believe I spent so long looking for the holy grail, when finding a clued up coach, and taking a simple approach does the job.

I found Steve via a web search whilst I was looking to lose some weight and get my six-pack back, something I hadn’t seen for 20 years!! Steve IS A GEEK, I say that in the nicest way. The guy is so knowledgeable on the nutrition side of things it’s scary. He created a 3 day per week training program, that saw me in and out of the gym in under an hour, and a detailed guide to what quantities of fat, protein and carbs I should eat.

Steve is a big fan of intermittent fasting for getting lean, and he had me doing a 16 hour fast (this included the nighttime) with an 8 hour eating window each day. All I really did was skip brekkie and have a meal at 12.30, then a whopping diner at 7pm after my training.

I dropped from 18% body fat down to around 11% now, in just 12 weeks. And all done online with no direct contact other than Steve answering my questions and reviewing my progress every 4 weeks. He made a couple of changes at the half way mark, the fat melted………AWESOME.

Trudy G – Dorset

Steve is a great instructor, always keen to help, and correct you to make sure you are performing the exercises in a safe and effective way.

Steve asked me if I would be happy to give my opinion on him as an instructor at the group fitness classes he ran. I definitely am!

I started doing a kettle bell class with Steve early last year, and it made a real difference in my life. I got stronger, fitter, learned how my body moved, and where some of my weak points were.

Steve is a great instructor, always keen to help, and correct you to make sure you are performing the exercises in a safe and effective way. He is friendly, funny, and thrives on the atmosphere that a busy class brings.

I know he was doing 6 or more of the classes per week, plus his own training, I can’t imagine how he managed to keep up, but he did, and the classes were a wonderful addition to my week.

Gary S – Charmouth

I highly recommend Steve Reed’s personal training services to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and anyone seeking to lose weight. You do need to put some effort in but the results and reward for that effort are very worthwhile.

I had wanted to lose weight and get fitter for some time but lacked the focus and inspiration to do so , I took the plunge and called Steve for an initial chat and we met up for a relaxed and informal discussion where Steve explained what he did and this gave me the motivational push I needed to kick start the necessary lifestyle change.

I am a business owner/director with a busy schedule and Steve tailored a bespoke programme to suit my circumstances.

Over a period of 6 months , following the exercise and diet plan prescribed by Steve, I lost 3.5 stone and became much fitter and healthier.

I had been on medication for acid reflux and after 6 months and the weight loss I was able to stop taking those tablets.

The nutrition plan was not restrictive and I never felt hungry following Steve’s advice and guidance. Steve has boundless enthusiasm and a passion for what he does and he is a great motivator.

Simon M – Bridport

His attitude to teaching & instructing remains professional throughout and yet has a relaxed and informal feel.

I attended Steve Reed’s Kettlebell classes & enjoyed them immensely achieving the results I wanted.

Steve is a friendly, likeable and importantly an approachable person, making a tough 60 minute session pass with ‘relative’ ease.

He has the natural ability to encourage clients without drawing attention to those struggling or push people beyond their limits. Steve is passionate about not only fitness and well being, but also that of his clients too. He is always always willing to offer advice & help and responds quickly whenever contacted!

Without a shadow of doubt I would recommend Steve Reed for group classes or 1-2-1 coaching. I look forward to his classes starting again.

Lianne – Dorset

An amazing guy!

I first met Steve in a coffee shop in town, he apparently ALWAYS buys the coffees for potential clients……..a definite plus point.

I had found him via his website, and when I put two and two together, realised that he had been training one of my friends in kettlebells. A small world!

Steve worked with me for 16 weeks in total, partly because I fell off the wagon during the 12 week program by going on holiday, but he persisted, got me back on track, and I ended up losing just under a stone in weight.

One thing that Steve is constantly ranting about is the need to lose fat, but preserve muscle, and even gain some. As a female, I was worried about getting bulky, but Steve assured me this would not happen, and he was right.

I lost fat, got stronger and slimmer than I had been all through my late teens and twenties. My arms and legs got toned, with some really nice muscle definition, but I still kept a feminine look, which is what a lot of girls want I think.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Stephen as a trainer and nutrition coach, he knows a lot, knows how to work and interact with people, and got me in the best shape of my life.

Aileen S – South Somerset – UK

I lost around 2lb per week consistently, resulting in weight loss of 27.5lbs during the time Steve worked with me.

I was in a bit of a mess with my eating when I first encountered Steve Reed. He was recommended to me by a friend who had attended one of his group kettle bell classes. I was frankly, terrified about the idea of a personal trainer, I always thought they just beat you into the ground with so much exercise.

Steve has a very different approach, and one that suited me really well. He told me that because nutrition was the major factor in losing fat, rather than loads of cardio, I should put my efforts into nutrition/exercise in the relevant proportions. 70% nutrition, 30% exercise. It kind of makes sense I guess, focus on things in the appropriate ratios? Anyway, he provided detailed nutrition planning where I only had to do minimal weighing per day, and I felt full, indeed STUFFED, some of the time, but I still lost weight, and that only involved hitting the gym 3 times a week, and a little walking.

I got stronger, leaner, fitter, and more proud of myself than ever before. Steve is a real motivator, he’s great with people, and takes just the right approach between sympathy and telling you to get off your butt and get on with it 🙂

I would highly recommend him to anyone, he taught me how to eat and exercise for the rest of my life. 1 year on, I’ve lost another 20lbs on my own and am at my ideal weight, with a nice toned body to boot. Highly Recommended!

Robyne I – Bridport, Dorset, UK

The enthusiasm and drive that Steve ran the class with made me push myself to achieve good results.

I Joined Steve’s Kettlebell class with very limited confidence in my level of fitness. The enthusiasm and drive that Steve ran the class with made me push myself to achieve good results.

I dropped a dress size and became stronger physically and mentally. I also participated in Steve’s running group having avoided long distance running all my life! Within 7 weeks I was running 5KM without stopping! Amazing!

More testimonials coming soon…I’m uploading them as quickly as I can 🙂

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