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Hi there!

I’m Steve Reed, a UK based Sports & Exercise nutrition coach and certified personal trainer. I’ve been working with clients all over the world since 2008, and continue to get great satisfaction out of helping people change their lives…and their waistlines.

I’ve gained a fair amount of prominence in the area of intermittent fasting, and in particular, using 16:8 daily fasting with many of my clients with fantastic results. I’ve even written an Amazon bestselling book on the topic 🙂

16 8 fasting is not the ‘be all, end all’ of diet construction, but it can play a vital role for calorie management and sustainable weight loss. I take every client’s lifestyle into account on an individual basis. Fasting won’t be right for some, but it IS one of the central strategies that many of my clients employ…and love!

It’s all about health and longevity, building a nutrition and exercise program for each individual, that they can enjoy and thrive on. So many people are stuck in the paradigm that if you’re not half killing yourself in the gym, you’re not making gains or improving.

Nothing could be further from the truth. My programs advocate healthy eating, strength training and pretty low intensity aerobic exercise using a heart rate monitor to keep yourself in a training zone that promotes aerobic base building, fat burning, and injury free training. Combine this with 2 – 3 strength training sessions per week and a whole foods diet, and you’ll be losing weight, gettting fitter, feeling better and looking incredible. And it would leave you feeling tired and overtrained.

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, get in touch.

Thanks for deciding to make contact with me for more information on my 1:1 nutritional counseling and coaching program.

I used to just email forms out to people, but keeping a lot of this online makes it easier for both of us (I hope).

Below is a fairly detailed evaluation form, one where you can (confidentially) submit more detailed information, which will allow me to take a more detailed view on your goals, your previous diet history, and how we can progress things to get you to where you want to be.

Please take some time to fill this in as accurately as possible. I would rather have too much information than not enough 🙂

Ok, here goes……

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You’ve taken decisive action on reaching your goal, whatever it may be, and I am honoured that you have chosen to consider me as your coach.

Great, thanks for completing the form. I’ll make a start as soon as I receive it.