Diet Screw Ups – Don’t Beat Yourself Up

diets fail

Ahhh, Friday morning, the weekend is just around the corner, but it’s chilly and overcast here…grrrr!

Today, I have to make an omission…

I screwed up yesterday.

After many years of working in the fitness industry, offering nutrition coaching, and all the pros and cons that go with that (on a personal level), I’ve stayed pretty lean, sometimes down into single digit body fat, 6 pack going on 8 pack, not too shabby for a guy heading towards 50!

Crap, did I really say that? 50th birthday next year, unbelievable!!!!

Anyhoo, I really do think that people find the right time in their lives when everything falls into place. Eating high quality, single ingredient, whole, nutritious foods no longer becomes a chore or something that you have to strive towards. It just becomes what you do, how you live your life.

I can go literally months without eating milk chocolate, or chips (crisps here in the UK), but yesterday things went askew.

I suddenly found myself with a HUGE bag of custard cream biscuits in my lap, and the bag was almost empty!!!!

I’m not beating myself up over it, and neither should you when you’re not perfect (whatever that means) when life, stress, and emotions get in the way and you find yourself head deep in a bag of choc-chip cookies, wondering how you got there.

But, today I’m paying the price. The months and months with no processed foods actually seems to really sensitize you when you actually DO eat them.

The next morning you feel like cr*p, sluggish, stomach ache, just off color. and you vow NEVER to do that again 🙂

But you know you will….

And I know I will. And that’s ok. We’re all human after all.

But I’ll tell you this. When it happens, brush yourself down, Curse a little if required, then let it go….and move on with the rest of your life.


You have no choice.

That’s how you win. That’s how you succeed.

THAT’S how you create a long-term lifestyle change that will totally change how you view food, your relationship with it, and how you transform your body into a beautiful swan, from what, you probably might currently view as an ugly duckling.

Trust me, you’ll have lots of slip-ups. Lots of them.

You’ll find many ‘coaches’ and ‘gurus’ telling you that they win all the time, that their clients win through this fancy ‘new’ system they have found. They have more setbacks than you can possibly know, setbacks that us mere mortals experience all the time.

But doing the right thing, MOST of the time is what is going to get you ahead.

Give yourself the best chance of success.

Start your day off on the right footing. If you eat breakfast, go for eggs cooked in coconut oil on veggies, fish, or even a milk kefir/berry/protein smoothie (I LOVE them).

Start the day right, every day. No exceptions!

Focus on the most important stuff first, it gives you less chance to screw up.

Get your diet right 95% of the time, and you’ll see incredible results. Plan ahead, get some snacks like hard boiled eggs and some cold meats in the fridge. Be prepared, and everything just gets easier.

So, my parting advice for today?

Do the most important things first in your day. Coffee (of course) protein and fat based breakfast or a protein-rich low carb smoothie, and you’ll feel incredible up until lunchtime.

And if you screw up, give yourself permission to be fed-up, but then get over it and keep moving forward. There is no choice!

You got this.


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