Do You Ferment?

Hey there, how’re things? Do you eat fermented foods? Do you ferment your own foods? I’ve become HUGELY interested in fermenting over the past few years and really delved into not just the HOW of fermenting, but the WHY!

Turns out, fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, and the many other traditionally fermented foods that have been sustaining people’s health for hundreds of years REALLY do work.

I’ve personally been fermenting my own vegetables for a couple of years in a fermentation crock. This is the one I bought from Amazon, and it has served me really well.

A recent television program in the UK took a look at the benefits of fermented foods to improving the diversity of the bacteria in your guts.


With people eating a sh*t ton (yes, that is a scientific measure 🙂 ) of sugar and processed foods in what has come to be known as the ‘global industrial diet’, the diversity of species in the intestines is going down, and with it comes all manner of health implications.

The tv show I just referred to took stool samples (yuk!) from a number of groups who had added both commercial and non-commercial probiotic, fermented foods to their diets.

They compared the number of bacterial species present, both before, and after a month.

The results were interesting. The commercial probiotic mini-yogurt drinks had almost no effect (surprise, surprise) but the milk kefir saw a whopping increase in the number of and type of bacteria in the stool samples of the participants.

They also tested a number of other foods, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha etc, bred the bacteria in dishes in the lab for a week, and studied the variety and number of beneficial bacteria.

The commercially produced products have zero bacteria (ouch) due to the fact they pasteurize the finished product, killing all the beneficial components.

The raw, unpasteurized foods were teaming with healthy, gut-friendly bacteria. How great is that?

Fermented foods also team with vitamins, amino acids and other cool nutrients that are incredibly healthy.

You REALLY should be including them in your diet, and making your own is exciting and easy too.

These are the types of foods I recommend in all my programs, including my basic macro counting program as well as in the LeanFast RFL 2.0 rapid fat loss program. Whatever your body goals, whether losing weight, building muscle, or just looking and feeling better, fermented foods are vital for good health.

And without good health, nothing else really matters does it?


P.S. One of the biggest reasons I hear from people when it comes down to cooking (and eating) great quality food is they just run out of ideas. Cooking and eating in a way that supports your metabolism as well as reducing inflammation is definitely the way to go.


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