Elliptical Machine Benefits For Your Stomach And Abs

Well defined abs are a trademark for a toned body. The thought of working out to get them conjures thoughts of endless abdominal crunches and pain. They are however not the only exercises that are geared towards building up stomach muscle. There are numerous approaches that will get you there. Using an elliptical machine is just one of them. We take a close look at elliptical machine benefits for your stomach and abs.

To be clear, elliptical training machines were never meant for building stomach muscle. Nor will it define your abs. It can nonetheless flatten your tummy and rid fat accumulation obliques, creating a suitable environment for muscle buildup. They are ideal for exercising your lower half. This includes your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. In any case, writers such as David Zinczenko have put forward elliptical training machines as being good for abs workout as well while burning calories.

How Do Elliptical Machines Help Build Better Abs?

Elliptical training machines generally focus on cardiovascular exercises. This is an important aspect of losing weight. By boosting calorie burn you retain less body fat. This includes fat stores around your waist and tummy. As you burn down calories, you reduce body fat as well. It takes 3500 calories to eliminate 1 pound of body fat. Carried out faithfully, you end up with a flat stomach.

Benefits Of Elliptical Machines For Stomach / Abs Training

1 Burn More Calories

Compared to other cardio exercises such as riding the stationary bike, an elliptical machine is more efficient in burning up calories. Being that it is used while upright, you will need to not only support your own weight but also find your balance. It, therefore, engages more muscles than stationary bikes. The result is greater weight loss, including around the obliques, abs or the belly area in general. By varying resistance, you increase fat loss.

2 Lower Injury Risk

When overweight or just starting out on ab training, an individual has a real chance of getting injured. A body not accustomed to the vigor of physical exercise should not be thrown into the deep end of working out. It should be a gradual progression.

Additionally, individuals with joint injuries have limited ab workout options. A session on an elliptical happens to be one of them. Being a low-impact workout, there are is a much lower chance of injury leaving you only concerned about working out your abs.

3 Varying Workout Speed, Intensity, and Duration

The elliptical trainer is suited for use by all levels of exercising individuals. This is mainly due to the ability to tweak settings as per your requirements and ability. Advanced elliptical trainer users can increase resistance, up the speed or even lengthen workouts for a more intense workout. A novice exerciser can start at the most basic settings and gradually change them as your body gets used to regular settings.

By the time your body gets no strain from the machine, you will be in proper shape to take up more muscle and toning focused exercises.

4 General Better Health

Getting rid of belly fat is important in warding off serious lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Considering we mostly earn our bread while seated in the office, there is probably no better time to take control over your life as right now. It is important to start working out early. This not only stops fat from continuing their build-up but also begins to slowly reverse the damage done over the years.

In effect, you control bad cholesterol which is responsible for disease later in life. Left unregulated, you can acquire coronary diseases, stroke, diabetes and even high blood pressure.

Tips To Using The Elliptical Machine For Better Stomach And Abs

2 people using elliptical machines to get benefits for their stomach and abs

1 Mind your posture: Throughout your workout, maintain proper posture by keeping your spine straight. Avoid keeping your back curved or slouched. As suggested by Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, proper posture is a must for efficient calorie burn.

2 Change up your workouts: Do not repeatedly do the same routine. Vary your workout by attempting some of the pre-programmed machine routines instead of manual programs every so often. The different settings challenge your body in more than one way enhancing calorie burn.

3 Release the handlebars: If you can manage to balance on the elliptical safely. By forcing your body to stabilize, you end up working out your core. Core workouts stimulate better results overall. This should only be attempted by more advanced users. Not only due to complexity but because it could lead to a fall. As always, safety first.

4 Pull in your belly button: Pushing your navel toward your spine is key in working out your abs during a session on the elliptical. This is not in any way holding your breath. Instead, tighten your abs as if bracing for a punch in the belly.

5 Chose an elliptical machine that supports some strength training: Some elliptical machines have short interval settings aimed at some strength training workouts. They can, therefore, be used for both cardio and strength exercises.

6 Take lots of water: This can not be emphasized enough. Stay hydrated during each workout. The main reason you get on an elliptical machine is to get your heart rate up and to get more air into your lungs as you huff and puff. Water and oxygen keep you burning body fat and also assist in muscle build up. Water boosts metabolism allowing you to burn up more calories. If you can manage 2 liters of water a day, you will have burned almost 100 calories. For each liter of oxygen you inhale, you burn up 5 calories. Combining the two, therefore, boosts you ab development efforts.

It must also be mentioned that elliptical machine benefits for your stomach and abs will not be attained unless you also keep to a low-calorie diet. In essence, diets that leave you with a calorie deficit at the end of the day – especially if the goal is weight reduction. This calls for a reduction in carbs and sugars and instead, taking more fresh vegetables and fruits. With much less fat to work out, you should be ready for more advanced exercises and some resistance training to give you more definition and toning.

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