Elliptical Training For Weight Loss – Before And After Results

Do the numbers from your weighing scale seem to be getting out of control? Are you looking to regain control over your body weight? You are not alone in this journey. With hundreds if not thousands of methods available for weight loss, picking one feels like a daunting task. Overwhelmed by choice it becomes difficult to follow through with one.

At their core, many weight loss programs advocate for creating a calorie deficiency to start off weight loss. This can only be achieved by making conscious lifestyle changes that ensure you take in a healthy and balanced ratio of macronutrients and burn off excess calories – usually, through some form of physical activity. In comes cardiovascular exercise. One of the most preferred machine for the exercises is an elliptical training machine. Taking a look at a few elliptical training for weight loss before and after success stories, it is easy to see why.

Elliptical Training For Weight Loss – Before And After Stories

Elliptical Training For Post-Baby Fat

Many regular individuals and cross trainer weight loss success stories rely on one settling on a workable diet and exercise schedule they can stick to. Lynne Frumkin, a Florida resident had been overweight in her 20s due to keeping to a bad diet and lack of exercise. By taking up aerobics she was able to manage her weight at 135 pounds even after childbirth. However, after the birth of her second child, it was more difficult to shed off weight as she hardly had enough energy to exercise after a day of caring for her toddler and infant. Keeping to a bad diet also meant increased body fat.

When she had had enough, Lynne started to take back control over her weight. Using a two-pronged approach, she has steadily cut down her weight and maintained it at 121 pounds. First, she now eats much healthier by cutting back on wheat and sugar, adding high-protein snacks to her diet and leaving desserts and pasta for treats.

Additionally, she has committed to a regular workout plan that entails a 4-6 day exercise regimen. This includes resistance training (for toning and muscle gain) and elliptical training to burn calories. Elliptical training, which is essentially a cardiovascular exercise is important in long-term weight loss.

As Lynne probably found out, whether working out on a budget elliptical or top of the range elliptical machine the low-impact method still provides a high-intensity workout. You require to burn 3500 calories to shed off just 1 pound of body fat. In an hour, a 160-pound individual can burn up over 800 calories on the elliptical training machine. The take away here is that heavier individuals lose more weight after each workout.

Elliptical Training – Away From Prying Eyes

Joel Landon from Amarillo, Texas was concerned when his weight hit the 185-pound mark. At 5′ 4“ and 32 years, he knew it was time to make changes in his life to prevent future health problems. Cardio was recommended by his nutritionist. He was however uncomfortable with the thought of jogging or running in public.

Elliptical trainer machines have provided a great alternative to running for decades. For a person who has not exercised in a long while, it is an even better way to get your body back in shape. Running can cause back pains, joint and feet aches especially if your body is not accustomed to the rigor of a run. Its low-impact creates less strain on the body leaving you to focus on your workout.

As Joel states, the ability to modify resistance on his elliptical trainer was essential in changing up his calorie burning workout. You can elevate your heart rate to increase your calorie burn by adding resistance to the trainer. On average he was burning 400 calories per workout during his 30 minute daily workouts. This has continued to a constant and much healthier 120 pounds that he has maintained for 2 years.

He confesses to starting at a moderate pace which was all he could manage at the time without running out of breath. Moderate resistance is all that you need to get you going until you are strong enough to increase it.

Elliptical Training For Health Reasons

For Tim McLee, the journey to better health was not a willing one. It was not until headaches and dizziness pushed him to see his family doctor that it became apparent that he now had high blood pressure. The disease often has no symptoms until one experiences chest pains, or worse still, a heart attack.

Approaching 220 lbs, Tim had not thought much about his now heavy set. The doctor advised pick up exercise as a way of not only trimming down body fat, but also a way to eliminate bad cholesterol. After 5 months of hitting the elliptical, Tim now weighs a much decent 160 lbs. He says the journey continues as he has not yet hit his 130 lbs ideal weight goal.

According to him, the elliptical trainer has been the best way to work out. Earlier, Tim had sustained an injury in his foot during his college years and had not attempted vigorous physical exercise since. Jogging was therefore not at the top of his list. The elliptical became his choice cardio workout machine riding himself of one pound at a time.

Elliptical Training – Teaching By Example

One of the best-documented weight loss journeys is Katie Marie Peterson’s transformation. Her’s is one of the few elliptical training for weight loss before and after documented success stories. A 5′ 6“ motivational speaker who now spends her days motivating individuals to better health. Starting off at 211 lbs, she has recorded parts of her 4 1/2 month transformation journey. Through hard work on the elliptical machine and proper diet, she managed to shed of an impressive 90 lbs to now weigh 121 lbs. Taking cardio on the elliptical enabled her to burn up calories.

As many soon find out when they start off to better health, it is an uphill task trying to achieve weight goals. However, perseverance and a never-giving-up spirit get you through. As she tackles the elliptical trainer, we can clearly see her huff and puff and perspire. At its core, the function of the elliptical is to give us aerobic workout where we increase oxygen intake and heat up our bodies. As a result, we burn up calories. It is critical too that you take sufficient amounts of water. This too not only keeps you hydrated during a workout, but it also improves your metabolism, thereby assisting calorie and cholesterol burn.

Schedule your workouts as well for optimum results. As Katie explains, she had to wait for when her body had enough calories to energize her during a workout. This is especially so for individuals on a low-carb diet. This tends to leave the body with a calorie deficit which is how weight is eventually lost. Do not, however, crash due to lack of energy. Low-carb snacks and shakes are a lifesaver in such cases.

Exercise and dieting have proved to be a winning combination. It is important that you get all the nutrients from your food and that is why you must eat a balanced diet. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories consumed. During your journey, aim to consume fewer calories than you need in a day. This leaves you with a calorie deficiency at the end of the day that leads to weight loss.

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