LeanGains: Is It Right For YOU? – Free Cheat Sheet

LeanGains is an intermittent fasting and training protocol developed by Martin Berkhan. It was super popular and still has many Berkhan worshippers on sites like Reddit etc. Seriously, the guy had, and still has a cult following.

This infographic is not a definitive guide to using Lean Gains as a fasting and training protocol, Berkhan was a great delver into the scientific research. An infographic can’t do justice to his work and analytical mind, but it can certainly give you an overview on how a 16 8 diet and training can be built into your routine.

Lean Gains Intermittent Fasting – A Visual Guide


From Visually.


I’d also like to add that when one is setting calorie and macronutrient targets, there is generally a need for some tweaking to get things right. So don’t expect to just use the calculations verbatim and not be prepared to make some small modifications as your progress dictates.

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