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Online Coaching

Welcome to the online coaching information page. I decided that it was important to make the pricing public, I do so hate it when you can’t find a price and the service provider seems to want to keep that from you to the last minute.

Take a few minutes to check out the tier levels. Once you have decided which one suits your needs, fill in the client consultation at the bottom of this page.

I’ll get straight back to you and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to start your program.

The Coaching Tiers

I’ve provided a three tier coaching program, both will provide the same high level of planning, advice, and coaching, Tier Two just offers a little more contact, and is ideal for those who need that little extra push to succeed. Motivation, experience, cash-flow, all play a part. Tier Three provides even more support, with no restriction on email communication and assistance. I have offered more advice on which tier to choose further down the page.

All programs run for 12 consecutive weeks. If something crazy happens, I am empathetic and flexible, but we can’t extend the coaching just because you have a bad week with your eating, sorry!

Tier One – 12 Week Course – $220 USD

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive body statistics and training schedule analysis, providing you with personalised macro-nutrient ratios, meal timings, supplement info (generally only protein shakes).
  • Basic meal planning advice for training and rest days. I do not create weekly plan, telling you everything you need to eat, that would disempower you to learn, some self education is vital to this process. You will be able to customise this easily, swapping out proteins, carbs, and fats to create plenty of great meals.
  • We will have the initial consultation plus 3 review consultations over the 12 weeks, one every 4 weeks.
  • Full week of email support at week 1, then your questions answered at the 4,8 and 12 week reviews.
  • The initial consultation, and your questions and concerns will be addressed. Reviews will be conducted on a 4 weekly basis, so initial evaluation and plan, week 4, week 8, and week 12 appraisals.
  • You will be provided with a spreadsheet where you will track and record your body measurement ( 9 in total ), and also track your main lifts if you are carrying out a strength training program. So, track increases in weight/reps in squat, dead-lift, bench press, barbell row, military press, weighted chins etc. These stats will keep me informed, and you motivated to continue and improve. You will also provide front and side photographs at Week 1, 4, and 8 to help with evaluations.

At the end of the 12 weeks, I will discuss your progress, and offer advice on how to continue and plan for your next goal.

Tier Two – 12 Week Course – $335 USD

All Tier One components, but in additionally, you get:

  • Everything from Tier One with regards to consultation, planning, macro setting etc, but we conduct a 2 weekly review of the data and photographs, and make recommendations on that basis. You essentially get double the contact and analysis of your statistics, although if things are going great, there may be no changes, just a pat on the back.
  • Full week of email support at week 1, then your questions answered at the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 week reviews.
  •  30 Minute Skype Consultation at Weeks 4, 8, 12.

Tier Three – 12 Week Course – $499 USD

All the benefits of Tier 1 and 2, but with unlimited email support and a WEEKLY 30 minute Skype consultation

By clicking the payment buttons and signing up as a client, you are accepting the conditions of the program, which you can read at the bottom if this page.

Prices are in USD. You can use a currency converter like to check the conversion rate.

Additional Services – Skype Consultations

Pre Skype chat questionnaire to be filled in prior to consultation.

30 minute Skype consultation, including video recording, feedback and detailed report – $85 USD

15 minute Skype consultation –  as above – $35 USD

I also offer supermarket and food awareness sessions (help with your shopping), kitchen cupboard and refrigerator makeovers, professional before and after photography. Enquire for details.

Thank You!

I have spent a lot of time studying, honing my coaching skills, and studying the best nutrition resources to bring you an incredible coaching experience that will get you well on the way to your goals (might even get you all the way, but your goals will change along the line)

I am genuinely thankful and flattered that you have chosen to consider me to help you on your quest, it I a privilege to have the opportunity. Thank you!

What Tier Should You Choose?

Neither tier is better, one has added contact time and more evaluations, but I would choose the one that best suits YOUR needs, the amount of feedback YOU feel is necessary to meet your needs. I don’t know you personally, so can’t comment. BUT, I would say, if you are confident that Tier One will meet your needs, go for that one and save some cash.

To make a point:

  • The dietary protocols will be the same for all tiers.
  • I will only change macro ratios when needs must, the Tier 2  or 3 does not guarantee more changes.
  • Whichever tier holds you most accountable and likely to succeed is the one that you should choose.

Your Training Regime:

The principals of the Leaner By Design nutrition coaching program involve appropriate, customised macro-nutrient programming, meal timing, and data analysis. Training is an important part of this, as ‘most’ of my clients are looking to retain/gain muscle so that they look incredible when they shed the body fat.

I prefer barbell training as the training protocol that gives some of the best results. Apart from taking a little time to learn the lifts, barbell training is one of the best ways to build strength, and also, importantly, to monitor progress.

Progressive poundage increases in good form are signs that muscle mass in increasing (taking into account the rapid gains that new lifters see). Combine this with consistency in measurements, and it is easy to see progress.

I recommend you look for a gym with barbells (avoid the Smith Machine at all costs). If barbells are not available, resistance machines are ok, and may actually be better from a progressive, incremental increases in weight than other training protocols.

Final Note:

Thanks again for considering me as you coach, I am deeply flattered. I want you to become independent of me after the 12 weeks we work together, to be surefooted and confident in carrying on with your training and appropriate nutrition. Become an independent thinker and life long learner, it’s exciting, challenging, and makes life an incredible journey.

Get Started

Take a few moments to fill in the consultation form below. I’ll get right back to you and we can get the ball rolling. Please provide as much detail as possible.

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You MUST adhere to the following rules of the program. By clicking the payment buttons and signing up as a client, you are accepting these conditions.

1. Monitor you macronutrient intake using an app such as Myfitnesspal or My Net Diary, and allow me online access to your account. I will need to check that all entries have been completed if the money back guarantee is initiated. Failure to accurately record daily food intake will invalidate the guarantee.

2. Strength training 3 times per week, using barbells, resistance machines, or another mode of your choice. The money back guarantee cannot be initiated on the premise of unsatisfactory muscle growth. Building muscle can take a long time, and everyone is different, although the programs I build are very supportive of building muscle.

3. I reserve the right to extend the program from 12 weeks to 16 weeks if results are slow, and to make adjustments that will be effective.

4. The money back guarantee cannot be initiated based on laziness, lack of motivation on your part, or a failure to follow my instructions to the letter. The diet regime IS flexible in the food choices you make, but you still need to stick closely to your calorie and macronutrient targets.

5. The program cannot be extended, or the money back guarantee initiated due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances. I reserve the right to extend the program, or put it on hold, on a case by case basis such as serious illness, injury, family bereavement etc, not because you fancy a late break at Disneyland Florida 🙂

6. I agree to keep all exchanges between us confidential. This includes email, text messages, online chat, video conferencing etc.

7. I am a Precision Nutrition qualified nutrition coach and personal trainer. We are working online, and it is impossible for me to diagnose medical conditions or potential hazards from training, nutrition planning. Always consult your doctor before starting a nutrition and training program if you believe that you may have a condition where your health could be put at risk by parking in such a program. Take heed of the doctor’s advice.

8. The information and coaching I offer is given in good faith, and as a suggestion to help a client improve their strength, fitness and body composition. I cannot be held liable for gym related injuries or food allergies / dietary conditions, or eating disorders that you may have or may incur.

9. Always seek immediate medical attention of you have any concerns for your personal health and wellbeing.

10. You understand that if you do not follow my recommendations exactly, I cannot be responsible for a lack of results. It is YOUR responsibility to follow the guidelines to the letter. More compliance = better results.

I confirm my understanding that the 12 weeks will run consecutively (unless previously agreed. Any deviation from this is at the discretion of Leaner By Design)


It would be foolish to offer an unconditional guarantee of results to anyone and everyone, people are fickle things, and many fall off their diets, fail to take action, and crash and burn.

The idea of fat loss and body recomposition is not that hard, anyone can do it if they persevere, but the role of the coach is to support, nurture, and educate the client over time. There are always going to be some outliers, people with damaged metabolisms, hormonal imbalances and other medical conditions beyond the scope of online coaching. This guarantee is to provide protection for those that confound the norms of weight loss and body transformation.

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